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5-1 Rust Stop R-55

5-1 Rust Stop R-55 is one of the product areas where our price-pack deals are available. As costumers often need a full set of Specific Chemicals, we make it easier for them by giving them a better price when they choose to buy more. Our products are widely in demand among the clients due to their features such as sturdy construction, durability, and longer service life. With the help of our professionals, we offer these products in various as per the varied requirements of our valuable clients. If you need any assistance in selecting your 5-1 Rust Stop R-55 or have any other questions, don't hesitate to phone, fax, or e-mail us.

Rust Stop

Rust Stop
Absorbs, converts, and prevents rust

  • Advantages:
    1. Absorbs, converts , and prevents rustat the same time.
    2. No sandblasting required.
    3. Instant rust control.
    4. Applies easily-just spray, brush or roll-on.
    5. Non-toxicity. Water soluble.
    6. Excellent resistance to cold, heat, sea wind. Prevents rust for at least 5 years.
    7. Remove the grease, oil, loose rust.

  • Methods:
    1. Pour some into another container for use.
    2. Apply Rust Stop by brush or roller on the rusted surface.
    3. Become black in 5~10 min. and dryes after 30 min.

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