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Rust StopAbsorbs, converts, and prevents rust, Rust Stop

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Rust Stop

Rust Stop

Rust Stop
Absorbs, converts, and prevents rust

  • Advantages:
    1. Absorbs, converts , and prevents rustat the same time.
    2. No sandblasting required.
    3. Instant rust control.
    4. Applies easily-just spray, brush or roll-on.
    5. Non-toxicity. Water soluble.
    6. Excellent resistance to cold, heat, sea wind. Prevents rust for at least 5 years.
    7. Remove the grease, oil, loose rust.

  • Methods:
    1. Pour some into another container for use.
    2. Apply Rust Stop by brush or roller on the rusted surface.
    3. Become black in 5~10 min. and dryes after 30 min.

功能說明 :

  • Applications:
    1. Prevents rust on ferrous surfaces, appliance, pipes, automobiles, marine, etc.

  • Notes:
    1. Skin or clothes contact, flush with water before it dries.
    2. Wash the tools with water right after each use.
    3. Do not pour unused material back to the original container.
    4. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and keep out of reach of children.
    5. Allow Rust Stop to react for 12 hrs before applying paint or finish coat.

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Absorbs, converts, and prevents rust
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Absorbs, converts, and prevents rust
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