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Transparent Epoxy Liquid

PERMA ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a national manufacturer and supplier that specialize in providing of Transparent Epoxy Liquid related products. Our goal is to build a long term relationship as your Transparent Epoxy Liquid supplier by providing quality products and service that exceeds your expectations. As one of the leading manufacturers of Construction & Buliding Materials we can manufacture Transparent Epoxy Liquid that meets specific technical requirements. If you need more information about Transparent Epoxy Liquid, please just drop us a line or give us a call.
AB Transparent Liquid Epoxy Products conform to RoHS Directive, UL Flame Retarded Test, SGS and Heavy Metal Content Restriction.


AB Transparent Liquid Epoxy
Liquid Epoxy Resin

  • Mixing Ratio:
  • Working Time (min./100g):
  • Curing Time:
    4 hrs
  • Characteristics:
    Liquid Epoxy Resin, Lustrous. Transparent. Weatherproof. R.T.V.
  • Applications:
    For coating, glass bonding or colorless bonding for precious-stone and ornaments.
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